Edo Kiriko,Whisky glass

NO. - T429-2021

Edo kiriko,whisky glass
  • Edo Kiriko,Whisky glass
  • Edo Kiriko,Whisky glass
  • Edo Kiriko,Whisky glass

Kagami Crystal’s glassware is created with selected, pure raw materials through refined design and true artisan techniques. It is known for a high degree of transparency and brilliance and can make a clear sound.
A large, gorgeous whisky glass with three chrysanthemum flowers carved on the surface, demonstrating the highest quality Edo Kiriko craftsmanship.

25,000 yen (exclusive of tax)

  • Wood box
  • Size: 88 mm (Caliber) x 100 mm (Height)

It may take a few months to manufacture and ship this item, if it is out of stock.As each item is handmade, they may be slightly different in size, shape or shade of color.

Overseas shipment


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