Edo Kiriko,Daruma

NO. - Q338-2303-CAU

Edo kiriko,Daruma
  • Edo Kiriko,Daruma
  • Edo Kiriko,Daruma
  • Edo Kiriko,Daruma

This figure expresses Daruma, a red-painted good luck doll in the shape of Bodhidharma. Cutting and sandblasting is applied to a vivid gold ruby overlaying crystal glass. The doll with two engraved eyes symbolising seeing the world and protecting against the evil. It also represents a long lasting happiness and good fortune.

50,000 yen (exclusive of tax)

  • Wood box
  • Size: 92 mm (Maximum Diameter) x 100 mm (Height)

It may take a few months to manufacture and ship this item, if it is out of stock.As each item is handmade, they may be slightly different in size, shape or shade of color.

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